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Whether it is for a cremation or burial, floral tributes have traditionally been seen as a way of expressing love and respect for the deceased. There is a wide variety of floral tributes to choose from. 

You may prefer a traditional pillow or a more modern tied sheaf. Whatever your preference, we are very lucky to have an experienced on site florist called The Flower Girl.

funeral services flowers

The Flower Girl, Basingstoke Tel: 01256 355556

Please click the link below to view a range of sympathy flowers.

flower girl

If the funeral is a cremation, you may also wish to consider what you would like to do with the flowers after the service. Some families take the flowers to a family grave, others ask us to bring them back to our premises to be taken with the ashes for a burial should this be in the next few days. 

Alternatively, many people ask us to donate the flowers to the local hospice or a nursing home for the residents to enjoy; if this is the case, please ask us to advise accordingly. Many people prefer to receive family flowers only and donations to charity in lieu of flowers and we are very pleased to collect those for you.

After one month, we forward all the donations to your chosen charity and will let you know who sent a donation and give you any addresses that may have been given to us by the donors. Most families choose a local charity or one relating to the life or illness of the deceased, but if you need any further help in the choice please ask us for advice. We also now have an app for your mobile phone with which you can easily and securely send a donation for any funeral that we are conducting. Simply look for Spencer and Peyton in your app store and download it for free.